YAS Feat. AaMin - Vaghte Raftan (Time To Leave)

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Hello to everyone. Here is my new song and music video by the name of VAGHTE RAFTAN (Time To Leave) which I hope you enjoy. This song also features my good friend AaMin which many of you may know and recognize from our previous works together. The song will also be availbale and live on iTunes very soon for those friends who are able and would like to support my music. And we request that anyone who would like to share/embed this video to please do so by using our official video link and page from YouTube: YASOffcialPage.  I can't thank enough the incredible team of talented and dedicated people who have helped me bring this song and video to you.

 Lyrics: YAS
Music/Melody: AaMin
Arrangement: Pejman Nikoosh
MIx/master: Ahmad Saneghe
Video Director: Zigurat Pictures
Cover Photo: Mehdi Shojaei
Cover Design: Amin Shabankareh

... and thank each and every one of you who have stood by my side and supported my music and continue to be my energy.  -YAS


Download Music:  YAS Feat-Aamin-Vaghte-Raftan.mp3

Download Video: YAS-Feat-Aamin-Vaghte-Raftan.mov